Karts-For-Sale is committed to safeguarding your online security at our site. Please read the following policy to understand how we go about this as you make full use of the Karts-For-Sale Classifieds. This policy may change from time to time so please check back periodically.
This policy will let you know:

How Karts-For-Sale actively protects you against scammers and spammers

The scam emails that abound the Internet are a scourge on sites trying to provide a service to the public. Here at Karts-For-Sale we block the computers of these scammers as soon as we can, refusing them entry to any point of the site. This is done in two ways -

  • monitoring the Internet's list of known sources of scammers/spammers
  • placing adverts ourselves on the site and tracking the interest
  • receiving feedback from our users on any that have slipped through the net

The latter is worth noting as you as a user can actively help us keep the list up to date. When you receive an email submitting interest on an advert you have placed on the site and you believe it may be a scammer please forward it onto reportspam@Karts-For-Sale.co.uk and we will take appropriate action.

How your password is stored with Karts-For-Sale

When you register with Karts-For-Sale and create a password your chosen password is stored using the MD5# method, this is a one-way encryption method that means your password cannot be seen or be unecrypted by anyone, not even the site adminstrators.

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