• Highly Targeted Marketing.

    www.Karts-For-Sale.co.uk, (the Internet's premier pre-owned karting classifieds site), is visited by thousands of people every day. Thousands of people with an interest in motorsport vehicles and components.

  • Overview.

    Karts-For-Sale offers highly targeted marketing opportunities. To reach our audience of motorsport-minded buyers, we offer our sponsors broad site-wide banner advertising display campaigns as well as the ability to narrow cast to targeted components of our audience that are interested in a specific category within the site. In addition to banner campaigns, we offer e-mail newsletter sponsorship.

    For the latest information about our site's traffic, please request our media kit by contacting our Advertising Department (advertising@Karts-For-Sale.co.uk).

  • Banners.

    We accept the IAB/CASIE standard "Full Banner" size (468 x 60 pixels), standard "Button 2" size (120 x 60 pixels), and the standard "Micro Button" size (88 x 31 pixels). In addition, we can accommodate certain non-standard sizes. If you have custom requirements, please contact us (advertising@Karts-For-Sale.co.uk).

  • Newsletters.

    Karts-For-Sale offers an e-mail sponsorship vehicle. We deliver periodic newsletters to our members keeping them up to date with offers and exceptional adverts.. To ensure exclusive placement, we offer only one sponsorship opportunity per newsletter. Sponsors are allowed display of one paragraph plus a URL page link.

  • Motorsport Locations Advertising.

    Karts-For-Sale hosts a fully interactive UK motorsport venue listing, listing circuits, sprints, hillclimbs, museums, kart circuits and more. This offers an unparalled opportunity to reach a highly targetted audience. Karts-For-Sale offers two different types of advertising for to reach this group of users -

  • 1. Banner listing on category.
    Your banner will appear on the category listing, for example, a karting shop advert appearing on all karting circuits or a trackday organiser appearing when the category 'trackday airfields' is selected. Rates vary from as little as £50 for a 12 month category banner depending on the options selected, please contact us at (advertising@Karts-For-Sale.co.uk) to discuss your individual requirments.

  • 2. Individual listing on venue.
    Your advert will appear on the individual listing, for example, a hotel near Silverstone will appear on the links tab of the Silverstone listing, or a local tyre supplier to Aintree will appear on the Aintree listing. Rates vary from as little as £5/listing/year depending on the options selected, please contact us at (advertising@Karts-For-Sale.co.uk) to discuss your individual requirements

  • Our Policy.

    We reserve the right to decline any advertising that does not comply with our privacy policy, appears misleading, is adult-entertainment in nature, or otherwise is determined by us to be unacceptable for Karts-For-Sale.

  • Submitting Ads.

    Advertising materials shall be submitted to Karts-For-Sale via e-mail. If an alternative submission method is desired, additional fees may apply.

  • Reporting.

    For all paid sponsorship, Karts-For-Sale will provide via e-mail a report on sponsorship delivery and response activity on a monthly basis.

  • Getting Started!

    Don't miss the opportunity to reinforce your branding and deliver your message to our highly targeted customer base. Contact our Advertising Department (advertising@Karts-For-Sale.co.uk) and we'll help you get started.